‘Investing puts money to work for you.’ India has turned into a big investment opportunity today. Especially, for the NRIs who are looking up for suitable options to place their assets securely. Going by the latest trend, the southwestern belt of India, specifically Pune is the hub of the investment sector. People are seeking the advice of NRI Investment Consultant Pune to park their funds safely and profitably. More and more guidance is being sought for investment opportunities and NRIs are on a constant lookout for openings and breaks to avail them.

So a well-equipped, well-staffed, and well-organized consultant can surely help you achieve your goal of gaining the maximum return on your capital. This brings us to the fact that there have been several propositions for increasing the NRI investments in India in our budgets and policies from time to time. However, despite numerous measures and policy formations, there has been a gap between the expected asset investment and the actual inputs. This could be because of a lack of awareness about appropriate openings like new colonies and construction licenses, stocks and funds, collaborations, joint ventures, and business leads. Further, they aren’t fully aware of the taxation rules which can only be given by an expert investment consultant. Consulting the right people at the right time is absolutely rewarding. Let us find out more about it:

  • The right people when consulted give you the referrals which are genuine and authentic without any bias or hidden costs. There would be no intention to cheat or take advantage of the fact that the investor is far away. A real consultant will help you capitalize on your funds in the most suitable manner.
  • When you get in touch with a consultant, he would hand-hold you through the rough phases of investment procedures and formalities. You will not have to get stuck up in the nitty-gritty of things and the whole deal will sail through smoothly.
  • Assistance as required: NRIs need to select a consultant who will understand and listen to their requirement and then suggest befitting choices for investment without inviting any undue taxes. This will bring in faith and a win-win situation where the NRI can trust his savings with an assurance of proper investment and adequate returns. 
  • Timely guidance: NRIs and other non-residents may not be able to find time or investment options since they are far away. Nevertheless, consultants in the city can guide and advise them from time to time to take advantage of the market conditions and save on tax. Since Indian taxation laws are quite complex and draining on the income of NRIs, it is advisable to seek consultation from an expert.

There are several NRI tax experts in Pune who can give advice and consultation for investing lucratively in different avenues available based on the number of funds an NRI is willing to invest in, either in one go or from time to time.

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