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Welcome to Sachin Gujar & Associates, Chartered Accountants

Sachin Gujar & Associates, or SGA, is a Chartered Accountant firm in Pune, India. The company was founded in 1999 by CA Sachin Gujar in Pune, which is close to the city of Mumbai.

The firm provides an array of Services, including Auditing, Direct & Indirect Tax Advisory, GST, Startup Services, Setting up a Company in India, Book Keeping& Accounting Services, NRI Services and a wide array of other services under financial management for several Indian and International clients.

When it comes to accounting experts, Pune India is ideal because there are many different accounting professionals who know all the different markets. These accounting experts are highly educated and trained to deliver quality results for their clients.

Our Major Services

Providing our clients with a full range of high-quality services in Auditing, Accounting, Direct & Indirect Taxation, Startup Services and NRI Tax & Investment Services.

Audit Assurance Services

Helps clients by understanding the increasing complexity of the regulatory environment, the need for greater transparency in operations and disclosure norms.

Direct Tax Advisory Services (Income Tax)

Today, Corporate and Individuals both are required to comply rigorously with numerous essential Income Tax Compliances.

Indirect Tax Advisory Services

The introduction of Goods & Services Tax (GST) in India effective July 1,2017 has been the most important change in the country’s Indirect Tax.

Book Keeping / Accounting Services

These services helps our clients to offload the complex and technical aspects of business on us leaving them with more time

Startup Services / Setting Up Company in India

We at SGA, provide Start-up Services, as a single window solutions for incorporating the company and start-up advisory services.

NRI Tax & Investment Services

Generally, an NRI is a person resident outside India who is a citizen of India or is a person of Indian origin. However there are different definitions of NRI under FEMA and Income Tax.

About Sachin Gujar & Associates

At SGA, we are proud to be among the top Chartered Accountant Firms in Pune. We are committed to deliver the most robust and dynamic Taxation, Auditing, GST, Startup Advisory, Book Keeping & NRI Services to our clients through our experience, analytical approach & understanding.

Building Strong Futures

An important task of operating any business is to take care of the finances. Irrespective of the size and type of the firm, every business needs a Chartered Accountant for meeting financial obligations.

Our Practice

We are one of the renowned CA firms in Pune with a team of experienced accountants and committed professionals that work for national and international clients from different walks of life. Our client base consists of companies from Information Technology, Engineering Services, Manufacturing, Travel & Tourism, and Entertainment, to name a few.

Our Strategy

We strive to fulfill all our client needs under one roof, right from audit-related compliance to Taxation services. We always work towards development where knowledge is at the core.

Our Methodology

We study your business from scratch so that we can develop an understanding of your business. This enables us to anticipate and meet the changing needs. Our team offers solutions that prepare you to manage unique challenges in your business.

Our comprehensive range of services has been designed by our talented accounting experts to deliver excellent results every time. We focus on maximizing your bottom line through resourceful thinking and strategy development. We offer complete audit and assurance advisory services, as well as general accounting and bookkeeping services to keep your business running smoothly.

If you have become a non-resident Indian, SGA can provide NRI Tax Consultation to advise you on the ideal ways to manage your taxes and investment.

Audit and Accounting Made Easy with Sachin Gujar and Associates

Accounting Firms are specialized industries that consist of accounting professionals. These are the accounting experts providing holistic accounting and audit solutions to specific clients. The trained accountant is the one who is responsible for taking note of the financial statements regarding financial transactions. They are entitled to the job of generating digital receipts and invoices for each financial transaction. There are several efficient accounting and CA firms all over India, with Pune being the major sector of discussion.

What is the Need to Hire CA firms in Pune?

Pune is a neighbouring city of Mumbai. Pune has witnessed some amazing development, especially in the field of technology. We can also notice various industries and businesses expanding their foot in Pune. Every business requires efficient management of finances, which can be done with the help of top CA firms. CA firms guide and assist clients in complying with their auditing needs.

Some of their services consist of tax audits, verification of financial transactions, fraud investigation, and verification of vouchers. They also help with foreign exchange remittance certifications. All the above-mentioned services are offered by one of the renowned CA firms in Pune i.e. Sachin Gujar and Associates.

You can find some of the best CA firms in Pune city that can assist you with audit and taxation services. You will land up on some of the best names when doing a web-based search for top CA firms. And amongst those top names, you will find Sachin Gujar and Associates! Any business needs to choose the best CA firm for promising services, and Sachin Gujar Associates can prove to be the right choice.

Top Chartered Accountant in India- Sachin Gujar and Associates

Among many Chartered Accountants in India, our top chartered accountant will have some salient features. Having a glimpse of the salient features will enable you to pick the best from the other firms. Every CA associated with our firm has an effective and exemplary work system.

The said person should keep pace with everyday business transactions and generate the digital form of invoices. The financial and tax-related data are to be maintained in chronological order. This helps to retrieve the required data. Our specialized area lies in the sector of start-up businesses. We provide thorough advisories for certain start-up companies in India. The advisories are based on the Government of India's Start-up India Movement. We aim to benefit start-ups. We also design appropriate business models for the start-up companies keeping in mind the capital investors for the start-up businesses.

Many Indians are staying abroad and are associated with various types of businesses all around. Another specialized area of our services is that we give ample importance to designing a certain business structure for NRI's. We focus on various NRI consultation services and those associated with tax filing.

We have several audits and advanced assurance services from our end. We try to deliver the best of these services to our clients with our analytical approach. We possess ages of experience with a comprehensive approach to the financial management of a business. This helps us to be the talk of the town in the domain of accounting and auditing.

Advantages of Hiring Chartered Accounting Firms

  • You might be a great businessman or a fortune 50 company with great business acumen. However, you need a minute understanding of finances for effective management of the business. Lack of financial management can lead to failure. Also, every business needs to comply with tax rules, policies, and regulations. We, as an experienced and top CA firm, can assist you in this. We can make your complex taxation and financial journey a smooth sail for you.
  • Maintaining financial records in accounting books is a cumbersome process that takes time. Any businessman needs to look after the core business activities, which leaves no time for such entries. They need to rely on accounting firms to take care of the same. We can meet all of your requirements effectively with the help of our excellent team. Our assistance enables you to focus on business and leave the finance-related issues to us.
  • We not only look after the finances but also come up with strategies. The success of any business depends on finances as well as strategies. Our firm has experienced professionals that specialize in various fields. Their wisdom of experience, training, and expertise can help you plan your business. After all, the key to the success of any business is efficient planning.
  • We offer impeccable services owing to experts in the field of accounting that grace our team. Their knowledge and skill base for accounting and audit is unparalleled. Their thorough learning offers an intricate understanding of various approaches to taxation as well as a financial mechanism.

CA firms have trained professionals who are adept in maintaining audits of specific entities. They analyse and evaluate the financial transactions of any business. CA professionals have the calibre to tackle the challenges and come up with solutions. They have the required acumen and understanding. This enables them to improve your existing business with the strategic framework, which ultimately helps in enhancing the profit margins.

Accounting firms are at the core of the businesses as they help in the expansion and growth of any firm. They can help any business establish a strong foundation with their committed CA team.

Sachin Gujar and Associates is the only solution to all the tax and audit-related issues. We support all the start-ups that have the capacity of turning out to be successful businesses near future.


Outsourcing finances and accounting reduce the time and effort required to manage and supervise your in-house accounting personnel. It will allow you to devote more time and resources to the most important aspects of your organization.

As a chartered accountant in practice, you are allowed to join more than one company as a partner. In contrast, a practicing chartered accountant cannot become a partner in other firms or professions other than practice.

Accounting, when done effectively, provides abundant information on the health of your company's finances. It's easier to make smart business choices if you have a clear view of your money.

A book keeping and accounting service can assist you to keep track of all expenses so that the tax preparer can send over the necessary paperwork. You can get a clear picture of your company's financial health if you hire an efficient accounting service.

Many experts believe the top line, or cash, is the most important component on a company's balance sheet. Other important factors to examine include accounts receivable and short-term investments. A balance sheet includes assets, liabilities, and equity.

A company's financial transactions are meticulously tracked in financial accounting. This year's revenue and expenditure are shown in a Financial Statement of Accounts, a technical document that records and summarizes all of the business's activities.

Their 50-Point Inspection encompasses customer evaluations, history, complaints, ratings, contentment, trust, pricing and overall quality. In this way, you can find the best one!


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