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Want Auditing And Assurance Services? Go For A Reputed CA Firm

Today, every business or company needs auditing services. Outsourcing of these services to a reputed Chartered Accountant Firm can leave you with more time and energy to spend on marketing strategies and core business activities. There are a large number of Chartered Accountant Firms in Pune that are providing Auditing and Assurance services. Additionally, they can provide you helpful insights to get best the effectiveness of different business functions.

What Do CA Firms Do?

CA’s will first get an in-depth understanding of your business accounting system and internal controls. They will also bear in mind your exact requirements. After that through auditing, they will make financial statements of your company according to the standard accounting principles (the rules and guidelines that companies must follow when reporting financial data).

Sachin Gujar & Associates is one such company that provides Auditing and Assurance services and rectification measures for any irregularities in the financial system. Auditing services include statutory audits, internal and management audits, tax audits,  information system audit, current asset or stock audit and income and expenditure audit.


What Type Of Audit Do You Need

If your company’s turnover is more than the Rs.1 crore, or the total receipts from any profession is over Rs. 25 lakhs in any previous year, then tax audit is needed. Internal and management audits are essential for making sure strong internal and managerial control systems. Also, it diminishes the risk of deliberate or accidental errors and omissions.

Stock audits help your business to verify about your stocks or debtors. The lender may need to check the repaying capacity of its borrowers. Information System audits deals with the evaluation of certain computer programs as well as the data processing environment. Income and expenditure audits are needed when regular business transactions have to be verified.

Most popular chartered accountant firms boast of qualified and experienced professionals like Chartered Accountants, advocates, tax advisors, financial analysts, company secretaries, etc. The firms also provide many other services such as bookkeeping, company law services, treasury services, business setup, FEMA & RBI related services and corporate advisory services.

When hiring any auditing and assurance service company, please ensure that they perfectly realize your needs and their service prices are pocket-friendly. You also need to enquire about how long they have been in the business and the type of clients they have served in India and Overseas.

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