Audit & Assurance Advisory Services

Helps clients by understanding the increasing complexity of the regulatory environment , the need for greater transparency in operations and disclosure norms. The practice provides assurance to the various stakeholders beyond the traditional critique of numbers.

We, at SGA provide the following Assurance Services :

Statutory Audits for Corporates
Tax Audits for Corporates and Individuals
Internal Audits
Audit Under Maharashtra Value Added Tax Act,2002
Bank Branch Statutory Audits

Auditing & Assurance Services are at the core of any successful and visionary Financial Management setup. Employing advanced techniques and creative approach in Auditing for better financial & administrative controls, we also suggest improvements for more efficient operation, stronger financial structure and improved system of accounting and administrative controls. Assurance services add efficiency and profitability to your organization by providing independent credibility to your financial statements, professional advices to management, and expedient solutions to improve the systems & performance.

The financial statement audit has never been more important. In today’s business environment there is more scrutiny and skepticism of a company’s financial statements than ever before. Investors expect more: greater reliability, more oversight and clear evidence of internal controls. Corporate management, boards and audit committees, internal and external auditors, analysts and other investment professionals all have important roles to play in rebuilding investor trust by executing their respective responsibilities, keeping in mind both legal obligations and the heightened expectations of investors. Meeting investor expectations begins with the completeness and accuracy of information contained in a company’s financial statements.

A well-conducted audit can provide business owners with valuable information and assurance that statements are fairly presented. At SGA we view the audit process as an opportunity for our clients to learn more about their businesses so they are better equipped to communicate with banks, investors and partners. We provide our clients with an objective presentation of their financial information as well as qualified advice and observations. Our Experience in Auditing and Assurance Services

We are experienced at identifying opportunities and we have helped many clients take advantage of changing industry trends and legislation to grow their businesses. Our technology allows us to work efficiently and accurately. We have been providing auditing and assurance services to entrepreneurial companies for 18 years

Our audit philosophy is based on integrity, objectivity, independence and strict adherence to all professional standards, regulations and laws. The primary objective of every audit is to express an opinion on the fair presentation of the financial position and operational results of our clients.

For organisations that require an audit for statutory or regulatory reasons associated with the filing of their annual and periodic financial information, SGA can provide high quality audit services. We can also address any specific regulatory reporting requirements such as those under International Financial Reporting System (IFRS) including foreign private issuers.

SGA’s work takes into account all current and where appropriate, prospective auditing, accounting, and reporting regulations and guidance. Our audit clients include a few multinational corporations, as well as many small and medium-sized companies.

– Compliance with regulations
– Advice on controls and processing system weaknesses
– Confirmation of accounting treatments with respect to complex transactions
– Increased monitoring of prospective accounting and regulatory changes
– Independent review of externally reported information
– Accountants’ reports

Our range of Business Assurance Solutions include:-

– Statutory Audit under Companies Act
– Tax Audit under the Income Tax Act
– VAT Audit under the Valued Added Tax Act
– Internal Auditing Services
– Information System Audit
Statutory Audit under Companies Act, 2013

Under various kinds of statutes, all the businesses or entities require to have their accounts audited properly. We undertake the same under the statues of the Companies Act 2013, Banking Regulation Act, Income tax act 1961 and Maharashtra Value Added Tax Act. Scrupulous Stock Audits are also made by us to facilitate the final auditing of the accounts of a company. There are a large number of different accounts to be maintained for managing all the operations, activities, processes, etc. concerned with a company of India, or a joint venture. Proper maintenance and precise auditing of such stocks are essential for the company to run smoothly. Tax Audit under the Income Tax Act, 1961

Every assessee, whose annual turnover exceeds Rs. 1 crore or the total business receipts from any profession exceed the amount of Rs.25 Lacs in any previous year, is bound to get the accounts audited and report the same according to the section 44 AB of the Income Tax Act. We conduct such tax audit services for all small and big companies and corporations of diverse sectors.

VAT Audit under the Maharashtra Value Added Tax Act

Every assessee, whose annual turnover exceeds Rs. 1 corers; except from profession, in any previous year, is bound to get his accounts audited and report the same according to the respective state’s Valued Added Tax Act. We conduct such tax audit services for all small and big companies and corporations of diverse sectors. Internal & Management Audit

Maximizing the value and effectiveness of the internal audit function requires an understanding of an organization’s objectives, risks, risk management priorities, regulatory environment, and the diverse needs of critical stakeholders including executive management, the board, employees, and shareholders. Ultimately, these needs determine the risk profile of the organisation and the strategic focus, organisation, resources and practices required of its internal audit department.

We at SGA, can assist organisations that need help improving the quality and effectiveness of their internal audit processes in a number of ways.

First, by advising and assisting in the development of internal audit and risk management methodologies, including assessing whether the internal audit function is delivering effectively to stakeholders.

Second, by providing internal audit resourcing solutions, including full outsourcing or complementing in-house functions with specialist skills or geographical coverage.

Third, by supporting internal audit functions with software to enhance and support their work. In addition, we can develop training for internal auditors using our extensive market and industry knowledge to create highly-tailored solutions.

For in-depth and scrupulous checking of all day-to-day transactions, large business organizations inevitably need the help of Internal Audit. Generally, every company is required to verify physically his fixed assets and stock in trade, once in a year through an independent agency.

While conducting internal audits we devise means and suggest methods to properly streamline the working processes advise maintenance of appropriate internal records, to keep fool – proof mandatory records, introduce cross-check system of money and material handling, and plan different strategies for their overall improvement. Information System Audit

The Information System Auditing encompasses the evaluation of various systems & procedures to ensure that all assets and resources are safeguarded, proper integrity of computer data is maintained, and the long & short terms objectives of the business organization is achieved. The Information System Auditing encompasses the evaluation of various systems & procedures to ensure that all assets and resources are safeguarded, proper integrity of computer data is maintained, and the long & short terms objectives of the business organization is achieved. Our elegant and ingenious Information System Audit offers complete assurance the the management on Quality (effectiveness, efficiency, and economy), External IT (Integrity, confidentiality, and availability), and the Fiduciary (compliance and reliability). Moreover, we also help comprehensively our perceptive clients of India and abroad, to understand and manage various IT risks, enabling them to employ the leading edge technology, and thus, stay ahead in the highly competitive markets, by the scrupulous and proper implementation of business- and process-oriented controls. Our Approach towards the Audit Assurance Services offered by us under this category include:

– Planning and preparation of ingenious audit approach and programs, as per you requirements.

– Evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the audit areas, and reporting their efficiency, effectiveness, and the state-of-control by analyzing scrupulously the audit evidence.

– Presentation of the reports of findings, conclusion derived, and the suggested recommendations, to inform the management, about the adequacy of controls and effectiveness of operations.

– Appraising the actions taken by the management regarding the follow-up and the reporting techniques.

– Clinging to the norms of ethical and professional standards, to ensure the impeccable quality and consistency of the audit work.


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