What is the better choice: Getting INR 1,00,000 right now or INR 1,00,000 5 years from now? The answer is Getting Rs 1,00,000 right now will be better because there is a certain time value of money. In addition to this, A single rupee now is worth more than a single rupee a few years down the line. The Rs 1,00,000 received today will provide you with an opportunity to put it to work immediately and earn a certain return on it or put it into a bank and get interested from the amount.

It is extremely significant to find your financial goals and decide which type of investment strategies works for you and that strategy will determine the extent of your success in the investment world whether you invest in India or in foreign countries. Keep in mind that the strategies can differ from a safety strategy where the investor focuses on wealth protection to a rapid growth strategy where the focus is on capital appreciation. The most vital part of investment strategies is that it lineups with the individual’s goals and is followed by the investor closely.

If You Choose to Invest In India

In India, there are many different forms of investments options at the disposal of individuals. For example- Real assets like a house, a land, a car, etc., and financial assets such as stocks in companies, bonds, units of funds and much more. Deposits in banks, bonds, common stocks and post office savings schemes are the most accessible forms of investments available to the investors. Additionally, term deposits, bonds and post office savings schemes give a fixed return over a period.

Many national priority levels and state-specific projects like a new telecommunications system, airport or power plants, are being implemented all over the country by the Government of India and these projects provide a big potential for investors willing to invest in India. In fact, the Government is promoting Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) in many projects opening up new aspects in sectors such as infrastructure, healthcare, education and so on. Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) is a funding model for a public infrastructure project like airport or powerplant.

NRI Wealth Management Services In India

There are many NRI Wealth management service companies India, like SachinGujar& Associates, or SGA, is one of the top Chartered Accountant firms in Pune, India that help you enhance your individual wealth. Not only will you get to choose from a wide bouquet of investment products, but these can be customized as per your needs as well


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