Internal Audit Report Is A Big Responsibility For Organizations

What Is Internal Auditing

Internal auditing is a self-directed, objective assurance and consulting activity, which is designed to add value as well as to improve a business operations. Also, it helps companies to fulfill their objectives by bringing a disciplined and systematic approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management and governance processes.

The Difference Between Internal And External Audit

Internal and external audit have different objectives, and some them are mentioned in the table below:   .

  Internal Audit External Audit
Coverage Financial reports and financial reporting risks All categories of risk, and their management, reporting on them.
Objectives Add reliability and credibility to financial reports from the organization to its stakeholders by providing opinion on the report. Assess and improve the effectiveness of administration, risk management and control processes, which provides members of the boards with senior management with assurance that helps them fulfill their duties to the organization and its stakeholders.
Responsibility for improvement None, but there is a duty to report problems. Improvement is fundamental to the intention of internal auditing. However, it is done by advising, coaching or facilitating so as to not undermine the responsibility of management.

What Is Value Of The Inter Audit To The Organization?

Internal auditors or Audit Firms in Pune deal with that are basically essential to the survival and prosperity of any company. Also, they look beyond financial risks and statements to consider broad issues like the organization’s reputation, development, the way it treats its employees or workers and its impact on the environment. Most of the companies, particularly bigger now have their own internal audit departments, but, a lot of companies pay to have a third party or any a experienced and dedicated Audit Firm in Pune either working alongside internal personnel or conducting its own separate audit.

Also read:

Internal audit firms or auditors typically conclude each audit with a report submarine their findings, noting any responses or action plans from management or making any necessary recommendations. An audit report may contain an executive summary, and a section that includes the specific issues or findings identified and related action plans or recommendations supplemented by appendix information like detailed charts, graphs or process information.


Internal auditors and audit service firms help organizations and businesses to succeed. The assurance part of their work involves telling managers and governors about how well the systems and processes designed to keep the business on track are working. After that they provide consulting help to improve those systems and processes where essential.

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