Financial Statement Audit and Attestation Services

S Gujar- The Best Financial Statement Audit Agency In Pune

An audit of your financial statements is frequently necessary to satisfy your financing and growth objectives, as well as to lend credibility to the financial condition presented. We, as a financial statement audit agency in Pune, provide auditing, assurance, and attestation services using an industry- specific, risk-based methodology.

  • Audits and Reviews of Financial Statements Prepared in accordance with US GAAP, IFRS, and International GAAP
  • Procedures for SOX Attestation that Have Been Agreed Upon
  • Audits of Overseas Subsidiaries (Secondary Audits)
  • Audits that happen at the same time

Leading financial statement audit agency in Pune

Organizations must hire the best Auditing and Assurance Services in order to succeed and flourish. SGA, one of financial statement audit agency in Pune, uses cutting-edge tools and a unique approach to improve administrative and financial controls. Our team of professionals will advise the business on the best ideas to make the overall operation more efficient and the financial structure more stable.

SGA: The best place for a balance sheet audit in Pune

By offering independent credibility to the financial statements, quick solutions, and professional assistance to monitor and enhance the overall system performance, the Audit and Assurance services will undoubtedly contribute efficiency and profitability to their client's business.

The SGA's View on Audit and Assurance Services:

  • Proper planning and development of a clear audit programme, which is compliant with the law.
  • Aids in the evaluation of the audit areas' strengths and deficiencies. As a result, audits are used to examine reports on efficiency, effectiveness, and state-of-control with our auditors report on financial statements
  • All of the facts, conclusions, and recommendations are provided to management so that they may make informed decisions about the efficiency of their operations.
  • The audit team evaluates the appropriate management activities in terms of reporting methods and follow-ups.
  • The audit team of our balance sheet audit in Pune will adhere to the ethical norms of professional standards to ensure that the quality of the audit job is not compromised.

SGA, balance sheet audit in Pune is one of Pune's top Company Auditors, with more than 20 years of expertise in this industry. This knowledge has undoubtedly aided many of our clients in changing market trends and enhancing their company's legacy. The independence, impartiality, honesty, and strict adherence to all professional norms, laws, and regulations underpin SGA audit services and philosophy.

Every audit's principal goal is to give the company a fair and accurate picture of its financial situation. SGA offers the best audit services to organizations that require an audit for regulatory and statutory reasons, including yearly and periodic financial information.

SGA offers the best financial audit report

SFinancial statement audits were not always as significant as they are now. The financial accounts of the company are now subjected to additional scrutiny. Market investors place a high value on clear proof of internal records, which can only be kept if the firm uses auditing services. Internal and external auditors, corporate management committees, and audit committees all play essential roles in gaining investor confidence.

When the audit process is properly carried out in the business, it may give valuable information and certify that all financial transactions are appropriately represented. The auditing process, in SGA's opinion, is a way for customers to learn more about their organization. It will aid in the improvement of communication with investors, partners, and even financial institutions. The audit service supplied by SGA will undoubtedly exceed their clients' expectations. Not only do we supply financial data, but we also provide sensible recommendations for auditors report on financial statements.


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