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SGujar: The Best Capital Gains Tax Consultants In Pune

NRIs purchase real estate in India. This acquisition is made either via the NRI's own investment or by inheritance from their parents/grandparents, etc. NRIs frequently want to sell their immovable property for two reasons. One is that it is bringing them a decent return. Second, they are relocating outside India and no longer intend to own this immovable property. As a result, there are numerous transactions involving the selling of immovable property by NRIs/PIOs. As a result, they are confronted with a slew of tax concerns. The following are some of the questions that frequently arise in their minds from capital gains Tax consultants in Pune:.

The Best Capital Gains Taxation Service Providers in Pune

  • What will the cost of immovable property they inherit or receive as a gift be? You can know this from us capital gains Tax consultants in Pune:
  • How will the gain be determined in the situation of immovable property purchased at a cheap price a long time ago?
  • What will happen to other connected expenditures paid to third parties (i.e., those not related to the seller)?
  • What is the significance of Stamp Duty Valuation (i.e. Stamp Duty Valuation Authority Circle Rates)?
  • If the immovable property is held for more than 36 months before being sold (i.e. Long Term Capital Asset), the cost of acquisition can be indexed (as per the index issued by the CBDT every year).

Immovable Property Acquired through Inheritance/Gift from Capital Gains Taxation in India

If an NRI obtains immovable property through inheritance or gift, the advantages of the prior owner (i.e. Deceased or Donor) would be passed on to the person who acquires the property under the rules of the Capital Gains Chapter. As a result, costing, indexation, cost of improvement, selling expenses and other benefits will be permitted. Get in touch with us, and our team at S Gujar will guide you as capital gains taxation service providers in Pune

Capital Gains Tax Nullification and Minimization Tools

Capital gains taxes (on the sale of immovable property) can be minimized or eliminated by using capital gains taxation in India planning strategies. These are some of the tools:

  • Investing in Long-Term Specified Capital Gain Bonds (such as NHAI/three-year REC's lock-in bonds)
  • Investing in other residential house property.

S Gujar is one of the best consultants for capital gains taxation in India since there are many different accounting professionals that are familiar with all of the different marketplaces. These accounting professionals have received extensive education and training in order to provide excellent service to their clients.


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