It does not matter if you are an NRI. When you have Indian citizenship, you are bound to pay government taxes in the prescribed format. Form 15CA & 15CB is one such tax determination certificate that forms a basic necessity even for the NRI’s. 

Form 15CA is to be certified by the payer / transferor using his / her Digital Signature Certificate

Whereas Form 15CB is to be certified by a Chartered Accountant (CA)

Few Components in 15CA & 15CB Certificate

NRI Remittance– An individual who carries the remittance to an NRI had to submit an RBI regulated form. It was for tax collection at a particular point in time. It is the time when the tax collection occurs at once from an NRI. It is because an NRI individual might not be able to process the tax payment during later stages.

TDS Details- Usually, the concerned chartered accountant depicts the details of the tax remittance procedure. He will mention the details of the TDS rate, deduction, and other processing fees. The CA will also look into the matter of NRI remittance concerning the provisional charges.

Authorized Person- A registered chartered accountant having expertise in this genre is the best person to deal with. The CA may access the 15cb form through the electronic filling media. An individual should provide the basic details with the help of form 15ca before submitting the 15cb form. He will also be the person to oversee the taxation charges under the Income Tax Act.

Information should be there while filling the certification of form 15CA & 15CB in Pune. The remitter details are an essential part of the form 15cb. It should contain the name, address, and email of the remitter. The details of the PAN card should also be there as address proof. You should contain the basic business details of the remitter, including the business location. It should also contain the status of the firm.

The information should also contain the basic details of the country of the remittance and the defined monetary value. All these come easy with SGujar and company.

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