A tax is a mandatory financial charge or other sort of levy that a governing body imposes on a taxpayer (an individual or another legal entity) to pay for certain public expienses. It is illegal to refuse to pay taxes, evade taxes, or oppose taxes. 

There are two types of taxes: indirect taxes (goods and services tax, or GST) and direct taxes (income tax). For this reason, it is crucial to follow the tax regulations, make sure appropriate tax planning is done, and file an income tax return. Usually, tax planning techniques are used to assist a company in reaching its financial and operational objectives. Both large and small businesses can benefit from tax planning, which is crucial to minimising tax liabilities and ensuring that all possible deductions, exemptions, and allowances combine in the most tax-efficient way to lower the overall tax burden.

Direct Tax Advisory

Among all the other subjects, taxation is among the most complex. Because it will keep the person informed of all the frequent changes and adjustments to the Income Tax regulations, expert assistance is therefore required. The specialist will also offer the appropriate direction with regard to documentation and tax planning. A small error in filing taxes might result in significant financial losses for the assessee.

The best options for assisting in the effective administration of tax matters are provided by Sachin Gujar & Associates’ direct taxation services in Pune. Our income-tax advisors in Pune are qualified to offer knowledgeable guidance on tax planning.

The Indian tax system is undergoing frequent modifications, thus judgments about tax planning should also be made in light of these developments. The detailed analysis of the modifications to income tax laws is carried out by professionals, and the results are appropriately shared with the clients regarding the modifications. The reports by tax consultant for nri in Pune describe everything in basic, understandable terms.

Direct Taxation Services

  • Advice and help with preparing and filing income tax returns for individuals, corporations, partnership firms, HUFs, LLPs, etc.
  • Compliance Services for Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) and electronic submission of client returns for TDS.
  • A Notice Regarding TDS on Real Estate for Both Residents and Non-Residents: Prompt Tax Assessments
  • Tax Planning and Consultancy.
  • Remittance services, foreign investments, foreign company incorporation, and foreign entity openings are all covered by international taxation services.
  • Evaluation of transfer pricing in connection with foreign transactions and tax evasion.
  • Study and analysis of transfer pricing using comparables.
  • representation before revenue officials, which includes submitting papers like Form 15C and Form 15CB in India and filing appeals all the way up to the Tribunal (ITAT) stage.
  • International Taxation.

Consult Sachin Gujar & Associates for Professional Service

We at Sachin Gujar & Associates are honored to be one of Pune’s leading chartered accounting firms offering direct taxation in Pune. Our commitment is to offer comprehensive services pertaining to both direct and indirect taxation, including keeping clients informed of any developments and providing them with the best tax planning advice and compliances.

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