Under Indian tax law, Income tax filing with correct valuation & assessment helps avoid hefty penalties. Sachin Gujar & Associates is one of Pune’s leading chartered accounting firms; we cover everything, including accounting, taxation, auditing, and advisory. Our top expert team panel can help you with your tax filing & assessment with the best advisory. With consistent specialized services, we become the best direct taxation company in Pune

Explore Direct Taxation Services in Pune 

Direct taxation is levied on Individuals & companies directly by the tax authorities. Majorly, it comprises income tax, property or real estate tax, wealth tax, corporate tax, dividend distribution tax, securities transaction tax, Capital gain tax, and Minimum Alternative tax. 

Different provisions require compliance by residents in order to break down the complex tax rules into simple words. At Sachin Gujar & Associates, we help clients understand the best direct taxation services in Pune

We offer specialized services at Sachin Gujar & Associates for:-

  • Personal & Corporate Tax Compliances: Under the income tax act, different slab rates are imposed on the individual & companies. Also, additional restrictions need to be carefully considered while calculating the tax liability. Our chartered accountants are well-versed in all compliance updations. 
  • Tax Planning (Residents & Non-Residents of India): Taxation planning significantly contributes to better investment and value for your hard-earned money. In the firm, we help clients to do the best tax planning, whether residents or non-residents. It helps to get the maximum benefit from investment options. 
  • Overseas Taxation Planning: Some Indians have a growing business outside India, and they require expert opinions & advice to manage tax compliances. Our consultancy can help the client to save from paying double taxation.         
  • Transfer Pricing Audits U/s. 92 E: It’s a report generated by a chartered accountant in the prescribed form, duly signed & verified, and requires it to be obtained under a specific date by the person who enters into international or domestic transactions. 
  • 44AB – Tax Audit: If the business turnover exceeds 1 crore in any preceding year, and the profession’s gross receipts are more than 50 lacs in the preceding year. There is a requirement for a tax audit for the individual.
  • Certification Form 15CB: It is required to make the payment to a Non-resident or foreign company that is taxable & exceeds the limit of 5 lacs during the financial year. 

Best Taxation Services at Sachin Gujar & Associates! 

To get the best direct taxation services in Pune, consult Sachin Gujar & Associates. Our expert team of chartered accountants will guide you through auditing, direct & indirect taxation, GST, Startup services, bookkeeping, and NRI services. Visit us to get the best advisory services for direct taxation! 

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