Registration of a company is the one step to entering the industry with a unique identity. All the companies in India get their valid legal status after the registration process is completed. Owners might not be well versed in the legal formalities, so they take the help of reputed CA firms to learn about the comprehensive process for company registration in India

Sachin Gujar & Associate is one of the renowned CA firms in Pune that provides services based on accounting, auditing, and taxation. We assist you with different registrations for your companies, whether HUF, OPC, public & private. Our firm can also help you with partnership registration firm in Pune. 

Common Process of Company Registration in India

In the blog, we will specify the basic steps to follow for the registration of the company as per the Companies Act 2013: 

  • Availability of Company Name: The first basic steps start with the selection of a unique company name. Visit the official website of MCA to know more about the rules & regulations regarding name registration. For instance, it should not represent any slang or defaming words. 
  • Gather Essential Documents: Submit all the required documents authorized & duly verified under a certified Chartered Accountant or Company Secretary. 
  • Digital Signature Certificate or DSC: As the company registration is a digital process, obtaining a DSC or Digital Signature Certificate is required. It acts as the medium of authentication for the document upload in the MCA portal for registration, as attested. 
  • Director Identification Number or DIN: It is a unique number allotted by the Central Government to the company’s director to authenticate their identity with the 8-digit unique identification number. 
  • Drafting AoA or MoA: The next step is drafting the Article of Association & Memorandum of Association to represent the company’s objective & framework for rules & regulations. There are formats available, but companies can create their own. 
  • Filing SPICE Forms: For company registration in India. MCA has formulated different electronic SPICE forms for easy processing. There is general guidance available for filing the form. 
  • Application Form Process: The Registrar of Companies is responsible for reviewing the registration form. If no disparities are found in the application, a Certificate of Incorporation will be issued directly through mail. 

Sachin Gujar & Associates: Trusted CA Firm in Pune!

To simplify your accounting, audit & taxation complexities, Sachin Gujar & Associates is the reliable CA firm in Pune. Since 1999, We specialize in delivering the best services & consultancy for services ranging from audit assurance services, direct & indirect tax advisory, bookkeeping or accounting services, startup setting, NRI Tax & investment advisory, to company registration in India. Consult our top chartered accountants & tax experts to get comprehensive knowledge on setting up your company. You can also take guidance from us on partnership firm registration in Pune. Visit our office in Pune or contact us at +91-020-25445575 or +91-020-25445576!

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