Securing the dream of a new company begins with completing the registration process. Many Indians aspire to launch their products & services in the market. To begin the journey of business, registration under the Indian Companies Act 2013 is mandatory for all individuals residing in India. The registration ensures the line of business is legal & secures the authenticity of new companies. 

Sachin Gujar & Associates is a well-known, established accounting & taxation firm in Pune. We will cover every aspect of register a company, from handling your documentation to providing the registration certificate. Our best-chartered accountants will guide you through the process of registration & suggest practice guidance. 

Different Forms of Companies in India 

Here are the most popular business structure in India

One-Person Company (OPC): In India, if you want to open a company as a single person, OPC is the best way to start. By registering as OPC, an individual can enjoy the benefits of a corporate company. 

Partnership Firms: Two or more people come together to open a business with a predefined percentage of stake in the business. These partnership firms are governed under a partnership deed for any conflicts. 

Private Limited Company: It is a separate legal entity owned by a group of individuals and jurisdiction kept as a private company.

Public Limited Company: It is also known as a separate legal entity where ownership is diluted across different stakeholders & shareholders. 

Limited Liability Partnership: A separate legal entity where the partners have limited liability so they protect their personal assets. 

However, there are other company structures present in India, such as Hindu Undivided Family or HUF, joint stock company, and Sole Proprietorship.

Common Registration Process of Companies in India

Although the company’s registration process varies depending on the different structure of the company. Here are the common steps of registration under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs MCA – Companies Act 2013:

Step 1: Select the line of business & decide on the business structure.

Step 2: Obtain the Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) to verify the authenticity & act as company identity.

Step 3: Filing the process for name approval; it shouldn’t breach any law or demean any community and also require it to be new. 

Step 4: Apply for the Director Identification Number or DIN to become the director of the new or existing company.

Step 5: Fill out the application form for incorporation, like SPICe forms INC-32.

Step 6: Register for Article of Association & Memorandum of Association (AoA & MoA).

Step 7: Get the ‘certificate of incorporation.

Register Your Company With Sachin Gujar & Associates

If you are looking for a trusted service provider to register a company, Sachin Gujar & Associates get it done for you. We are a leading firm in India to cater major auditing, taxation & accounting solutions along with partnership firm registration. Our professional team shares the best consultation & helps you to get registration following the whole compliances. Visit the experienced chartered accountant at Sachin Gujar & Associates to ease your company registration process. 

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