Living abroad to get the best career stability is the dream of many Indians, but still, taxation becomes a headhunting task. Going through tricky jargons & understanding different compliances based on tax laws is way more complicated. Most people take the help of an NRI tax advisor in Pune to sort their tax filing in order to avoid tax penalties. 

Sachin Gujar & Associates is one of Pune’s leading accounting & taxation firms. If you are looking for the best NRI tax planning firms in Pune, we are the most trusted firm. We are a team of experienced professionals & chartered accountants who share their expertise, knowledge & guidance for the best tax planning. Get in touch with our professionals for the solution of complex taxation compliance. 

What Comes Under NRI Taxation Planning?

Indians working outside the country & generating revenue falls under the category of paying tax as per Indian laws. To understand the tax liability & GST laws, Indians need the guidance of the best NRI tax advisor in Pune. 

At Sachin Gujar & Associates, we offer a range of services & advisory upon tax planning & management. 

NRI Tax Advisory 

To simplify tax regulation & compliances, an expert tax advisor or professional guide must get the brief of complex rules. It can also assist in the calculation of the correct tax amount to avoid extra charges & penalties. 

Income Tax Returns Filings

Most Indians are unaware that NRI also falls in the category of tax filings. Consulting the best firm, like Sachin Gujar & Associates, can help to complete all the required filing on due dates. 

Tax Implication on NRI Property 

The sale of property in India obligates a certain taxable amount that needs to be paid on time. Different laws are imposed, like long-term & short-term capital gains & certain percentage of income taxed after the property sale.

Investment Consultation Advisory for NRIs

Are you confused about taxation implications on your NRI investments? Are abroad investment options liable to tax? After digitalization, the investment market expands with multiple investing opportunities. Still, an understanding of taxation helps you save from high amount penalties. Get the best investment advisory services for NRIs at Sachin Gujar & Associates.

Certification for Form 15CA & 15CB

The certificate is known to be the tax determination certificate where chartered accountants check for the changeability of remittance goes outside India, along with verifying the provision of DTAA or Double Tax Avoidance Agreements. 

Best Auditing & Taxation Firm – Sachin Gujar & Associates! 

Sachin Gujar & Associates is a well-established firm working with consultancy & advisory services for many years. Apart from being an NRI tax advisor in Pune, we offer different services like direct & indirect taxation, accounting, startup services, auditing, and NRI Tax & Investment Services. Use our strategy & methodology to solve business problems or individual tax planning concerns.

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