Being an NRI, living abroad can be a challenging and interesting experience. Effective tax planning and compliance in both India and the country of residence is a critical area that NRIs must navigate. A reputable NRI tax advisor in Pune, like Sachin Gujar and Associates (SGA), can make a big impact in this situation.

Understanding NRI Taxation

Before exploring the advantages of using Saching Gujar & Associates as your NRI Investment advisor in Pune, it’s critical to comprehend the special tax difficulties NRIs encounter. NRIs must pay taxes on whatever money they earn or accumulate in India. This comprises revenue derived from rent, investments, capital gains, and business revenue. However, NRIs are relieved from paying taxes in India on their foreign income. NRIs also benefit from various tax advantages, exemptions, and deductions based on their financial activity.

Challenges NRIs Face Regarding Taxation

When it comes to managing tax duties in India, NRIs encounter a number of difficulties:-

  1. Dual Taxation: Double taxation is a complex problem that NRIs frequently face when they are taxed in both their country of residence and India. Financial inefficiencies and complications may follow from this. However, they can file for the exemption. 
  2. Changing Tax Laws: Tax regulations are always changing, which makes it challenging for NRIs to stay informed while living abroad.
  3. Compliance and Paperwork: Complying with international documentation requirements can be a difficult procedure.
  4. Asset Management: It is important since NRIs frequently have a variety of financial assets in India, such as investments, bank accounts, and real estate, that need to be carefully managed and taxed.
  5. Rules for Repatriating Money: These regulations, which might be complicated, make professional advice necessary.

Our NRI Taxation Advice & Services

Sachin Gujar & Associates – the NRI tax advisor in Pune, offers a variety of services to solve the special issues that NRIs have with Indian taxation. We are aware of the challenges and provide the best solutions for our NRI clients:-

  • Income Tax Return Filing and NRI Tax Advisory Services
  • Tax Effects of an NRI’s Sale of Real Estate in India
  • Services for NRI Investment Consultation
  • Both residents and non-resident Indians must submit Form 15CB certification while sending money outside of India.

As an NRI investment advisor in Pune, Sachin Gujar & Associates (SGA) offers a range of NRI Tax Advisory Services. Our services include evaluation of NRI Residential Status, the applicability of new provisions of Deemed Residency applicable from FY 2020–2021, NRI Income Tax Consultation, the filing of NRI Income Tax Returns, NRI Tax Implications on Sale of Property, 15CA CB Advisory and Certification Services for remittance of funds outside India, etc.

Sachin Gujar & Associates: Your Trusted Partner!

We are aware that each NRI has particular financial goals and circumstances. As a result, we customize our services to match your unique needs, ensuring that you get the most valuable and up-to-date financial advice.

Sachin Gujar and Associates- A top NRI investment advisor in Pune, offers experienced counsel at your side to help you through the difficulties of NRI taxation in India. We are a reliable partner that assists NRIs in optimizing their financial affairs in India by providing knowledge, experience, and a client-centered approach.

Choose us as your NRI tax advisor in Pune to ensure your secured financial future and avoid letting tax implications get in the way of your financial achievement.

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