Taking care of your tax duties in India as a non-resident Indian (NRI) might be difficult. Working with an expert NRI tax counsel is crucial since NRIs and permanent Indians have distinct tax laws as well as filing dates. But it might be difficult to identify the right tax expert for your requirements when there are so many to pick from. This blog post offers five essential pointers to assist you in locating a reliable as well as competent NRI tax advisor in India. 

  1. Check for relevant experience and qualifications 

When selecting an NRI tax counsellor, it is important to take their credentials as well as experience into account first. Seek for a consultant with a lot of expertise in helping non-resident Indians (NRIs) comply with Indian tax laws. As it relates to NRIs, they ought to be well-versed in India’s tax laws, which include a variety of income-related topics such as capital gains, rental income, interest income, and more.

  1. Ask about areas of tax expertise

Certain NRI tax consultant may have more specialization in one area than others within the wide topic of NRI taxes. Selecting a financial adviser who specializes in the fields most pertinent to your circumstances is crucial. Seek a counsellor with extensive expertise with capital gains tax, rental income tax, as well as property tax for non-resident Indians (NRIs) if you own rental property in India, for instance.

  1. Check client references and online reviews 

Verifying references from previous clients and internet evaluations is one technique to have an idea of the caliber of the advisor’s services and performance history. Request two or three references from the adviser with whom you may speak personally about their experiences working with the advisor. Check to see if the references were pleased with aspects of the service, such as the expertise, value for money, timeliness, as well as the correctness of the tax filing. 

  1. Consider communication and response time 

You might not always be able to see your tax counsel face-to-face if you’re an NRI. Finding someone with whom you can readily speak and with whom you can promptly receive replies via phone, email, or video call is crucial. During the first few conversations, observe the advisor’s response time to questions. Choose an adviser who will return calls or texts within one to two business days.

  1. Ask about service costs and payment options

Finally, be sure you can afford the advisor’s services by having a frank discussion about prices as well as payment methods. The hourly cost or fixed price that reputable NRI tax experts charge usually depends on how complicated your tax situation is. Request an estimate of the entire cost. Ask about other payment options as well, such as online payment gateways, debit/credit cards, as well as bank transfers. 


Tax advisors with experience are necessary to manage Indian taxes for non-resident Indians. You may choose the greatest indirect tax service providers in Pune for your needs by bearing in mind these five suggestions. Finding a reliable long-term adviser to assist you in remaining in compliance with Indian tax laws year after year depends on a number of factors, including appropriate expertise, communication skills, customer testimonials, and reasonable fees. Comprehensive research up front avoids headaches later.  

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