There are many investment options and plans for Non-Indian Residents as the financial planning for them are more or less just like the Indian residents. Many NRIs prefer to invest in their home country if they are aware of the Indian market. Also, this way they can make the right decisions and earn good money. But here, holding hands will become the NRI investment advisor in Pune or any other, which will surely help you make the right investments that will help you grow.

Finding the right financial advisor will help you out to make the right choices. NRI investment plans have always been full of ups and downs considering the global economic downturns. It is important to select that investment plan which provides complete financial security and good returns. Once you enter the Indian financial market, you will see multiple options which offer amazing returns. Before investing, it is important for the NRI to know that he will be considered NRI if he/she is born in India but now lives outside.

To know about the NRI investment plans, follow the following points:

  • Fixed deposits- Directly depositing in the bank is one of the simplest and safest options. The NRIs can deposit their money in the bank accounts through the accounts like a fixed deposit in the NRE account (external account), fixed deposit in FCNR account (foreign currency non-resident account), and fixed deposit in the NRO account (non-resident ordinary account).
  • Mutual funds- Mutual funds are great investment options for NRIs for greater returns. But at the same time, it is important to understand the nature of mutual funds. The NRI mutual funds are governed by Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA), 1999. NRIs can invest in the following capital markets in India- direct stocks, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds.
  • Real estate- Without much effort, you can easily invest in real estate. Even if you are NRI, you can easily go with the real estate investment. If done right, you can easily earn greater returns. But know that this investment will yield you returns in the long term.
  • Equity Investments- If you are up to take risks or have good knowledge about equity, investment in equity is an ideal option. The NRIs can easily invest in the stock market under the portfolio investment constructed under the Reserve Bank of India. Bank accounts that are used for equity investment are- external accounts, ordinary accounts, Demat accounts, and trading accounts to invest in the stock market.

So above are some of the NRI investment plans. If you are looking for an NRI investment consultant in Pune, you can contact ‘’. They are known as the best to guide you all about the NRI investments plans.

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